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What Doesn't Kill You T-Shirt

Be like a virus – never give up!

What Doesn't Kill You T-Shirt

Be like a virus – never give up!

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Description: What Doesn't Kill You T-Shirt

During the pandemic, we learned more about viruses than we ever wanted to know! The little beasts are – just like bacteria, by the way – quite the survival artists. This is mainly due to their high reproduction rate, which allows them to adapt extremely quickly to new environmental conditions. Their motto is "What doesn't kill you mutates and tries again". They always find new ways to bypass our immune system and pester us. Enjoy their ethos on this T-shirt.

In their defence, it must be said that most viruses and bacteria are quite useful to the human body and ecosystem. Even if this is of little help to you when you are vegetating on the couch thanks to the disease they gave you caused. You may be comforted by the knowledge that viruses are not viable without a living host. So your chances are not that bad...

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