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USB Gadgets

These gadgets are plugged into your computer via USB - all are a funny decoration for your desk, many also have special functions, useful or entertaining.


USB gadgets like the USB missile launcher, the USB owl and others are the greatest invention since there have been geeks! Here you will find all our USB gadgets:

Unlike ordinary gadgets, USB gadgets are predominantly stationary. The energy they require from the PC they mostly use to decorate the direct work environment of the computer and/or assist in the local activities. The applications are enormously numerous. From the email notifier, the cute owl, to a coffee warmer to fans, smoke-swallowing ashtrays, vacuums, fridges and aquariums. As inconspicuous some of the USB gadgets are, you will not want to give them away once you have used them.
Next to obviously useful applications, there of course are some that are exclusively for entertainment. Others create a certain atmosphere and others give you the deciding advantage in the office war. What would a PC workstation be without missile launcher? Exactly. Go get yourself some USB gadgets