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Payment Options

Prepay by Bank Transfer

(Possible everywhere)

You can transfer money to our account after placing your order, we will then ship your goods to you once we receive the funds. In the confirmation email you'll find a payment reference code that you should use when making the money transfer to avoid any delays.

Our bank details:
  • Bank: Deutsche Bank Kiel
  • IBAN: DE46210700240011034601
  • Account Holder: Stern + Schatz GmbH
Information regarding EU and foreign transfers (for Switzerland, see below):
  • IBAN: DE46210700240011034601
If you are transferring money from a non-EU-country, you might need our bank's postal address:
  • Deutsche Bank Kiel
  • Rathausplatz 1
  • 24103 Kiel
  • Deutschland

Please be aware that non-EU transfers might be charged additional fees.

Information for Swiss customers

We have an account with Postfinance, so you won't be charged fees when pre-paying. Please use the correct reason for payment when transferring the money.

  • Account no: 91-870654-9
  • Bank: Postfinance
  • Account Holder: Stern + Schatz GmbH

Debit Entry

(only possible in Germany)

You give us your bank account details and we debit the payable amount from your account. After that, we immediately ship your order. Besides C.O.D., this is the fastest way to receive your ordered items. We debit the amount right before we ship the goods.

Please notice that we have to limit the total amount of orders paid by debit entry to 100 EUR.

By the way, if you reject the direct debit or your bank account is not funded, you will pay a bank fee in the amount of 8,66 EUR. Try to avoid this situation by contacting us before you lodge an objection. Otherwise, we have to charge the fee.


(only possible in Germany)

Invoice payment is only possible in Germany so far, but we are working hard to offer it for other countries, too.

Unfortunately payment by invoice is not possible if you want the delivery shipped to another company address or an address, which is different to the invoice address. Furthermore we need additional information about you (date of birth, telephone number), because Klarna will check your creditworthiness. Please be aware that we transfer your data to Klarna AB, Norra stationsgatan 61, Stockholm, Sweden.

It is possible that Klarna declines payment by invoice. You will find out if the payment by invoice will work during the ordering procedure, in that case you can choose a different payment method. There can be a lot of causes for the refusals, but Klarna gives no further information.


(possible in Germany only)

If you choose C.O.D., you will have to pay your mailman when he delivers your order. Unfortunately, the postal services charge rather high fees for this, so your total shipping costs are somewhat higher. Cash on Delivery is not possible in some countries. Please check it in the Checkout process

Credit Card

(Possible everywhere)

If you choose credit card payment, we will debit the amount directly from your credit card. We accept Visa and MasterCard. We will charge you just before we ship the goods, and will only authorize the payment beforehand (meaning that the amount will be blocked during the credit card check of your order). Please note that the transaction will appear as "Stern + Schatz GmbH" (our company name) on your credit card statement.

Please also note that we have to limit the orders paid by credit card to £300. Additionally, we may refuse your credit card payment if our automatic fraud detection system detects a high risk. In this case, you will be notified immediately so that you can use a different payment method.


(Possible everywhere)

Choose Paypal and you will be taken to the Paypal site at the end of the order process. There you can pay with your existing Paypal account or create a new one. We will deliver the goods as soon as Paypal confirms the payment, which usually only takes a few minutes. http://paypal.de.

Mit Lootbox mitliefern

(nur in Ländern mit Lootbox möglich)

Wenn Du Abonnent unserer Lootbox bist, kannst Du eine Bestellung mit deiner nächsten Box mitliefern lassen. Die Bezahlung erfolgt dann auch über die Box. Mehr Infos dazu findest Du hier


Direct Pick-up

(only possible in Germany)

You come (after prior arrangement!) directly to us in Kiel and pick up your ordered items. You will have to pay cash - in this case there are of course no shipping costs.