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Customs duty

Europe   Denmark If your delivery goes to Denmark, you have to pay no additional customs fee.

Delivery to a country outside of the EU

If your order is being delivered to a country that is not a member of the EU, there will be additional customs fees. If this is the case for your delivery, it will be displayed in red writing in your shopping cart after you have chosen the country for delivery.

Customs Duty

The exact customs fees are difficult to determine because they are different for each country and product. As a rough guide, you will have to pay at least your country's VAT rate plus an additional customs duty. You can ask your local customs authority for the exact amount, but in order to give you a rough estimate, here is an example for Switzerland:
VAT in Switzerland: Up to 8%

The customs fee rate for most of our products is between 0% and 20%, but is more in some cases. In total, this means a fee of between 8% and 20% of the total order amount.

Pay the customs fee directly to us:
For orders delivered to Switzerland and Norway, we offer a special service: we will pay the customs duty directly for orders weighing more than 2 kg or worth more than £70. This means that the shopping cart will automatically calculate and display the customs fee and you will pay this fee directly to us. This has the big advantage that you know the exact amount to pay before you order and that you will not get an additional invoice from customs.