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Having witnessed the ever-growing number of people who love to tinker and build gadgets at home, we've been inspired to help you add some crafting materials to your supplies.

Who can apply?

We prefer clubs or groups, as the items can be used and distributed more easily. It also makes us a little more certain that they won't end up on eBay. Nevertheless, individuals can also apply, but please give us a more detailed description of your plans.

Alternatively, just look around for a hackerspace in your area.

Here's the application form:

Unfortunately, we are not able to fulfull all queries. You'll get a short notification if you are not successful, but we won't give a reason, please don't take it personally.

Pictures of exciting projects with our hardware

No one has sent us a photo yet :( This is so sad. So, if you took some pictures showing the results of your crafting with our hardware, feel free to send it to us at info@getDigital.de