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There is no cloud

The cloud is not as special as many people think. ;)

There is no cloud

The cloud is not as special as many people think. ;)

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"Is your computer running low on disk space? Are old holiday pictures and text documents clogging your hard drive? Then simply put everything into the cloud! And if you invite ten of your friends, you'll get a whopping 2.5 MB of extra storage! You can even connect your pen to the cloud!"

Most cloud-based programs like Dropbox or OneDrive are advertised in a similar fashion to this. While they undoubtedly allow people across the globe to work more efficiently and the cloud-functions of many electronic devices are nice to have, the cloud is nothing special. As the "There is no cloud" t-shirt points out, the cloud simply consists of one or more other computers or servers in a server farm somewhere else. No black magic, no miracle involved.

But if you told people that their beloved cloud is old news, you wouldn't sell as many cloud fridges, cloud water bottles and cloud shoes, would you?!