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Age Test

If you understand this shirt, you are probably older than 30 years of age.

Age Test

If you understand this shirt, you are probably older than 30 years of age.

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The solution to the question posed on the Age Test Shirt will be a piece of cake for everyone who grew up in the good old 1980s.

We remember music cassettes with magnetic tapes and their tendency to get caught in the machine while playing (always during our favourite song!), ending up in a real spaghetti mess of tape! Grrrr... And the ensuing delicate untangling of the tape which could take ages (and then some!). Double grrrr...!

If you remember that, you'll also remember Walkmans with their crazed, power-hungry, whirring motors that devoured battery energy whenever we pressed the fast-forward or rewind button. Our solution? Rewinding manually!

And what did we use as our primary 'technical' device to help us fix both of these issues? Why, the good old fashioned wooden pencil, of course!

The Age Test Shirt is just perfect for those of us who like to look back to those times with fond memories. Sure, compared to today, iconic devices like the Walkman might have been a little awkward, but back then they gave us music on the go and were pretty darned cool, right? And now they provide us with wistful and happy memories. Buy the Age Test Shirt and show everyone that that you don't take getting older too seriously :)